At Shikshaka we provide training in a variety of skills to enhance the capabilities of an individual to face the tough challenges of the corporate world, with an attitude to enjoy the work instead of viewing it as drudgery. With the automatic increase in productivity both the organisation and the individual are benefited.

The programmes are tailored to sharpen the skills and are delivered using the latest methods which are not only innovative but enjoyable. Apart from the normal lectures and presentations, group activities, case studies, role plays and hands on workshop ensure that the skills learnt are put to practice in real world situations.

The wide choice of programmes offered makes it easy for the individuals to chose only the programmes that can benefit them or take on a complete comprehensive personality development programme, which gives the additional synergy to the learning.

Training for the employees of an organisation in specific skills can be offered at any suitable venue of their choice, provided a minimum of 15 participants are available. Alternatively participants can register for individual programmes conducted by Shikshaka regularly through the year. The maximum number of trainees is limited to 25, to ensure the participants get the full benefit of the training.